9 Tips on What to Wear in Engagement Photos

9 Tips on What to Wear in Engagement Photos

9 Tips on What to Wear in Engagement Photos

10714373_10153147410646677_6854941186832744421_oWe LOVE engagement sessions! They are a great way for Jess to get to know our bride and grooms behind the lens of a camera before the big day.

Like any other portrait session, you don’t want to look like a family member of the Brady Bunch and be too “matchy-matchy.” However, the key to an engagement session is to amp what you are wearing for your session up a notch. Guys, that means “dressing up” a little. And ladies, this is your opportunity to rock your inner diva – think of a night on the town with your best girlfriends.

Make sure to keep a color pallete in mind (see two links below) when pulling your outfits together so you look coordinated. And most of all, HAVE FUN with it! Props are always a fun idea to incorporate: sunglasses, signs with your wedding date or other cute saying, instruments you play, hats, pets, or anything else that makes your relationship unique and is special to you.

What to Wear – Engagement Edition and JessFoto Engagement Shoots

0186Clothing Tips and Tricks:

  • Be Yourself! This is without a doubt the most important advice we can give. If you are a casual, down-to-earth lady, no need to get a ruffled sundress you would never wear again. You want the pictures to really demonstrate your true character and personality. After all, your character and personality are the reason your hubby-to-be chose YOU, right?
  • Wear solids or simple patterns. A simple pattern or dark solid colors look best in photos. Dark tops/dresses allow the focus of the image to be your face and not your outfit and the added bonus is dark clothes tend to be slimming in photos.
  • Bring at least 1-2 changes of clothing (one casual, one dressy).
  • Ladies: Shirts with sleeves are always flattering to arms and for fall/winter, a good pair of boots are quite flattering as well. Consider a v-neck top or open collar as they elongate the neck and body and bring the focus to your face. Turtlenecks, thick scarves and sweaters can add bulk to your appearance.
  • Gentlemen: a button down and sweater, a nice pair of jeans and dress shoes are a great choice for guys. Button down shirts are versatile – you can wear it tucked, untucked, sleeves rolled up, sweater over it etc.
  • Both: Remember your feet WILL be in pictures so wear a nice pair of shoes, not your sneakers from high schoolWear classic styles to prevent your pictures from looking outdated. A little black dress for women and a solid-colored suit or dress shirt for men will never go out of style.
  • Layers: Layers are great because they switch up your outfit without having to actually change.
  • Dress in context with your location. (ex: beach vs. downtown Boston).

Beauty Tips and Tricks:

  • Get your ring cleaned and a simple mani (no neon colors or designs) – your hands will be the focus of many pictures (if you are wearing open toe shoes, get a pedi too).
  • If you are getting your makeup done for your wedding, why not get it done for your engagement pictures? If you haven’t used your make-up artist before, engagement pictures may be a great time to do a trial. Get to know the make-up artist before the big day.10532062_10152972238231677_7327915775508484771_o


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