Welcome to Cape Cod, Reese

Beautiful Reese made her first trip to Cape Cod this August!


It was so great to see Kelly and Justin again! I had the pleasure of meeting them at Kelly’s sisters wedding back in 2010…. Jess and Sean!


We started with some quick pics at the house the entire family was staying in….


Then we headed down to the beach… where Reese’s two least favorite things were abundant…. wind and sand! She powered through though…..


Love some classic sun-drenched family photos… and nothing says a trip to the beach like writing your name in the sand 🙂


Love love love love love these great family shots….

We wanted to give our little galpal a break so we headed to the Marsh across the street… which was way less windy! Reese was a big fan!


Reese the sweet little cuddlebug…

She loves her dad…. they have such a great connection.

and of course she loves her Momma


Kelly’s smile and laugh are so contagious… every time I see photos of these two even I can’t help but smile!


Did I mention their connection…..


Combining a perfect summer sky, a beautiful Cape scene and the beautiful Ritter family was a perfect recipe for these timeless Cape Cod portraits. Thank you so much to Kelly and Justin for having me as your photographer!



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