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The Crystal Room Wedding Photos by JessFoto

Meghan and Charles | October 17, 2015

The Crystal Room Wedding Photos | Milford, MA

A Classic New England Wedding with Gorgeous Foliage (…and a Star Wars Cake!)

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Okay, first of all, who doesn’t love a fall wedding? BUT THESE COLORS THOUGH! The jaw dropping vibrant hues were the perfect contrast for the majority of this couple’s portraits.

This couple (and their family) are no strangers to JessFoto; Meghan and Charles’ wedding was the second Jess has photographed for this wonderful family. Between senior portraits, newborn photos, family photos and weddings – this was the sixth time they have been behind Jess (and Erin’s) cameras. Love our JessFoto lifers!

Medford MA Wedding_0025

“Charles asked if I wanted to go up to North Conway for the day. We ended up turning it into a quick weekend trip, but I had no idea what was going to happen. We stopped at a scenic overlook that we had been to several times before, to get a newer picture of us. He set the camera on top of my car with the self-timer going, came back to me, and after a few seconds, said ‘I hope the timer is working.’ I stood there smiling and ready when he suddenly asked, ‘Do you remember when I said to you that it would make me the happiest guy on earth if you dated me?’ I said yes, and he said, ‘Will you make me the happiest guy on earth again?’ He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. After I stopped freaking out, he told me that he hadn’t actually set the self-timer, he had set it to record the whole thing!”

When we asked Charles what his favorite part of the wedding was, he said, “My favorite moment actually took place before the wedding. Jess and Erin had set Meghan up in a beautiful area with perfect foliage. I got to see my beautiful bride for the first time and it will be a moment that I’ll be able to replay in my head over and over.” Wow, he is definitely a keeper! Great job, Meghan. Medford MA Wedding_0010

And for Meghan, she said, “My favorite moments were from before the wedding, as well. I loved getting to do the first look with Charles. It was something I had been anticipating for a long time, and it did not disappoint. Another favorite moment was my first look with my dad – I will never forget the way he said to me, ‘The last time I cried because I was so happy was when you were born.’” Geez, dad, now we are all a little teary too!

Enjoy the photos!

Medford MA Wedding_0001 Medford MA Wedding_0002 Medford MA Wedding_0003 Medford MA Wedding_0004 Medford MA Wedding_0005 Medford MA Wedding_0006 Medford MA Wedding_0007 Medford MA Wedding_0008 Medford MA Wedding_0009
Medford MA Wedding_0011 Medford MA Wedding_0012 Medford MA Wedding_0013 Medford MA Wedding_0014 Medford MA Wedding_0015 Medford MA Wedding_0016 Medford MA Wedding_0017 Medford MA Wedding_0018 Medford MA Wedding_0019 Medford MA Wedding_0020 Medford MA Wedding_0021 Medford MA Wedding_0022 Medford MA Wedding_0023 Medford MA Wedding_0024
Medford MA Wedding_0026 Medford MA Wedding_0027 Medford MA Wedding_0028 Medford MA Wedding_0029 Medford MA Wedding_0030 Medford MA Wedding_0031 Medford MA Wedding_0032 Medford MA Wedding_0033 Medford MA Wedding_0034





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