Taryn and Mike : 7.6.2008, Keene, NH

While in Keene for Sean and Jessica’s wedding, I attended (yes as a GUEST!) the wedding of my friends Mike and Taryn!

As much as I enjoyed being a guest, there is something in my brain (and heart) that makes it impossible for me to trust any other photographer with any of my friend’s wedding moments!

So much to Chris’s dismay, I snuck my camera (and 85 1.2!) in to the reception hall and snagged just a few… here they are.. and I think they’re so sweet!

I loved their favors! they were little boxes filled with chocolate!

and I was SO happy to see my friends, Rachel and Leigh, whose wedding I also photographed! Stay tuned for photos of their new son!

Mike and some of his friends!

and I loved these photos of Mike and Taryn dancing among their guests…

Thank you Mike and Taryn for inviting me to share your special day! Its about time you guys tied the knot!

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