RSM presents XTINA – Celebrating the life and art of Christina Caturano – Ryan

On a perfect day in May, hundreds of family and friends of Christina Caturano-Ryan gathered to celebrate her life and art at RSM in Charlestown.

Featuring the amazing Violin Viv

The Lenny Zakim Fund seeks and supports people and organizations that promote positive change in their neighborhood. Christina supported the LZF to fight inequality in hopes of raising people up at the community level so we can all benefit from positive change.


And the most talented chefs in the city, presenting their culinary perfections… The best in boston including Oishii, Prezza, Tonno, Tico, Neptune Oyster, Tony Susi, The Smoke Shop, Nebo, Dante, Il Casale, The Wellington, Toro, Coppa, Little Donkey, Stella and Reel House


The RSM Boston Foundation supports a diverse range of charitable organizations that the RSM employees are passionate about. They believe in making a difference by becoming involved in the community.

The incredibly talented Jazz Depot. Katy, Bare, Eric, Staffan, Adam and Jay.The beautiful Caturano and Ryan families. 

The gracious and magnanimous, Richie Caturano.

It is undeniable that respect, integrity and teamwork are the fabric of the RSM family. What a wonderful team of people to have in the Boston community of Charlestown. 


Photography: Jessica Grant,

Violin: Vivian Luo

Bag Pipes:

Band: Jazz Depot






Neptune Oyster

Tony Susi, Capo Restaurant, Sage

The Smoke Shop


Dante, Il Casale, The Wellington

Toro, Coppa, Little Donkey


Reel House

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