Inn at Valley Farms Wedding Venue | Emily+Tim=Timily

Emily and Tim, who share one of the greatest love stories of all time, exchanged vows and rings on a hilllside on a beautiful sunny day in August at The Inn at Valley Farms in Walpole, New Hampshire.

Emily, who is from the Monadnock Region in New Hampshire, wanted more than anything to marry her best friend in front of her grandparents who were celebrating 71 years of marriage. They decided to make a week long celebration for their friends and family traveling from around the world- some as far as Australia (where Tim is from!)



Starting the wedding day off with some relaxing yoga…!!


Some hand picked wildflowers from Vera Flora Farm. Emily and the girls made their own bouquets and centerpieces…Some decor detailsEmily and Tims rings were custom made by Dawes Designs, who makes all of their pieces from recycled materials! My favorite part of Emily’s ring are her and Tim’s birthstones set in her band…Tom’s wedding shoes!Emily’s found her gown in a boutique in San Francisco… the material is hemp silk.The dapper gentlemen before the ceremony…..Emily had a special escort down the “aisle”…The view was magnificent!They had a ring warming ceremony where the bands were passed to each of their guests. As each friend or family member received the ring, they gave warm blessings for Emily and Tim’s marriage.It always dazzles me when couples choose to write their own vows!
This look – right here – is what its all about!This is Emily’s brother, Ben, performing their ceremony! Man and Wife!A toast to love!
The reception area was right out of a magazine…  every detail, simple and elegant, made for the most perfect outdoor “reception” that I could ever dream up!
Tim works in the wine industry in Napa, CASome quick and fun formal photos with the most exquisite New Hampshire backdrop!The “Album cover” photo…
Looking Good Mrs. Irwin!Some quick romantic type photos around the farm….How’s that sunset!?And what wedding would be complete without a “rugby” photo…?So in love!Walpole, New Hampshire…

Walpole New Hampshire Farm Wedding JessFoto 0045Dinner begins…. The food was so delicious…. and the ambiance was more magical by the minute.Quite possibly the best wine selection at a wedding in the history of wine at weddings.Tim’s dad welcoming Emily to the family!The Newlyweds!A super couple, a super wedding and a super end of the night kiss with a super full mooon!

Thank you Emily and Tim for having me as your photographer for your NH vows! Your wedding was a dream come true!



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