Holi Powder Engagement Session| Sandra and John

Holi Powder Engagement

A Holi Powder Engagement Session | Sandra and John

For those of you scratching your heads asking yourselves, “What the heck is Holi powder…?” think of the stuff that gets thrown at you while you are at a Color Run. Color bombs. Blowing your nose and having pink and orange and purple powder in your tissues for days.

The First Date

When you think of a first date, don’t you automatically think of how nervous you are and wanting to make a good impression? Well, not everybody does!  These two shared their first date at a karaoke Bar in East Cambridge where John had agreed to sing a song with Sandra (immediate red flag that he is a keeper, right??) but the line for karaoke was too long. Bummer!

Instead, these two lovebirds ended up walking around Boston Common for hours and had an absolute blast. Maybe it was Sandra’s beautiful smile for John, or John’s gorgeous eyes – but these two were hooked on each other from the very beginning.

Can we request that there be a karaoke station at the wedding? Jess will happily sing God Bless America. …Don’t ask.

A Little Bit About John

Out of the two, John is definitely the more practical one. Example: After asking them how long they will be engaged before getting married – John answered with 11 months and Sandra with, “You’re asking the wrong person – maybe 3 years? I have no idea.” HA!! Seriously, love it. Regardless, these two clearly balance each other very well. John brings the “common sense” and height while Sandra brings the energy (and possibly a stool to stand on).

A Few Fun Sandra Facts

Sandra’s love of all animals and wanting to adopt them all is a common topic of conversation amongst these two – but for now their adopted Pitbull, Max, is king of the house. What started out as a foster situation for Max ended in a forever home. (Love stories like that!!) Her sense of adventure keeps John on his toes, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean come on, what other couple do you know that has shared a kiss at a Bolivian hot spring!?

We cannot wait to spend your special day with you both in October. If one of us on the JessFoto team steals a microphone for a song at the karaoke station, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Love you!!!!

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**Disclaimer: This was a ONCE in a lifetime shoot (the one and only time we will do a shoot like this) because it is just too risky when you are dealing with powder getting on photography equipment. Don’t believe us? Check out what one major equipment rental company says about Holi powder and color runs.

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