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How to Transform Your Drab, Naked Walls into Fab Gallery Walls

I have to wonder how many people out there have walls that looked like mine just a few months ago – either completely bare or with empty frames hanging on the wall. No, I was not moving and, no, I didn’t just move in. I had every intention of hanging photos in frames or gallery blocks or canvases on my walls – but I just couldn’t decide on an arrangement. Do I hang an 11×14? 16×20? Cluster of 8×10’s?

My thought was that if I can figure out what to hang on the wall first that I would be able to choose the perfect photos after. What is the point of having all of these amazing shoots with JessFoto if I don’t display the end result of the hours of trying to figure out what my husband and boys should be wearing… let alone myself! Need help with that btw? Head over here: See my endless circle of dilemma?

Enter the game changer for my naked walls. Take a look for yourself at what I mean:

Naked Wall


Put a piece of paper in center of the wall where you want the pictures to be hung.


Perfect size gallery block for the wall space.

006Here are some more options that would look great in this space:

Fabulous Gallery Wall Arrangements Fabulous Gallery Walls IMG_1350 Creating a perfect gallery wall arrangement Creating perfect gallery walls IMG_1347

How to create a perfect gallery wall arrangement

Obviously you can tell that (16) 12×12’s aren’t going to fit – that is part of the beauty of this app! IMG_1348

Now I just need to find some more bare walls… I think it is time for a bigger house!


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