Friday Facts about the Foto Females

Friday Facts Foto-Females

Friday Facts Foto-Females

Friday Facts for the Foto-Females

Hey JessFoto fabulous family! We wanted you all to have something to look forward to reading at the end of every work week, so we decided to write a more personalized post about us. Every Friday we will be posting a new fact about the ladies of JessFoto from now until the holidays arrive in mid-November. We can promise you that you may be shocked about some of the tidbits we will be letting the world know, so it is a fun post you definitely won’t want to miss!

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1. July 3               6.  August 7                11. September 11              16. October 16

2. July 10             7. August 14               12. September 18             17. October 23

3. July 17             8. August 21               13. September 25             18. October 30

 4. July 24             9. August 28               14. October 2                    19. November 6

   5. July 31            10. September 4          15. October 9                   20. November 13

Erin Adams JessFoto

1. I think Thai food is the greatest, I eat it 3 times a week minimum.

2. I am a fake vegetarian – I hate steak but I love McChicken. And so the term “flexitarian” was born.

3. I love to chase rainbows with my daughters. Someday we WILL find a leprechaun.

4. I love giraffes. Big love. Like, completely obsessed. I want to own one. Or seven.

5. Barefoot is my favorite footwear. Well… Probably tied for first with Converse sneakers.

6. There are two garnets in my wedding ring that my husband and I found while snorkeling in the pond at our summer cottage.

7. I am determined to single-handedly bring back the scrunchie and make it a staple in everyone’s closet. I am obsessed and wear one every day.

8. If there were an event in the Olympics that involved frog catching, I would win the gold medal hands down.

9. My dog is my world – her snuggling obsession and her fuzzy ears… Serious love.

10. I only drink red wine. Pinot noir is my go to… Minus some sweet white wine with strawberries in the summer because it’s fun!

11. Cartwheels are my go to to make unhappy, unsmiley kids laugh at photo shoots.

12. Cape cod is my favorite place to vacation. I love exploring when the tides roll out, catching fish with my husband and father, and exploring tidal pools with my children.

13. My friends are my world – I am so lucky and blessed to work with the best friends I’ve ever known. I can’t believe there was ever a day I didn’t know Jess and Lauren.

Lauren Dragon-Cook JessFoto Friday Facts

1. I am unbelievably (like I could almost-be-a-contortionist-should-probably-join-the-circus) flexible.

2. I secretly want Supermarket Sweep to come back on television just so I can be a contestant.

3. I never watch the news and I despise talk radio. There is enough noise in my life.

4. My father’s name is Peter Dragon… as in Pete’s Dragon. No, I am not lying.

5. I have been determined to see a moose in the wild before I die ever since I was like thirteen. The best part about this – I woke up one morning last year to find moose tracks IN MY FRONT YARD. (I live in the backwoods of New Hampshire). I swear the moose knew I wanted to see him so he just pranced around while we were all sleeping to be like, “HA! I’m here! You will never see me!” A-hole.

6. I am a couponer. Yes. Sort of like those that are on the TLC tv series, “Extreme Couponer,” but minus the crazy. Yes, I have a stockpile. No, it isn’t a whole room… (Only half). I’ve had people ask me to teach them how to coupon but haven’t given it much thought.

7. Circa 5th grade, I had a very short haircut AND a perm… it resembled a mullet. That was a low point in my life. LOL!

8. My biggest pet peeves are liars and dumb people.

9. My secret guilty pleasure is watching Jerry Springer – but I haven’t seen an episode in at least 6 years. Is it even on tv anymore?

10. I’m overly possessive of my pens (Sharpie Fine Print, black only).

11. I am beyond fearful of spiders.

12. I don’t have any regrets in life, but if anything could come close it would be not making it in time to my grandmother’s bedside before she passed away.

13. Before my path in life completely did a 180 my senior year of college, I was going to get my Ph.D. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University and become a professor.

Jessica Grant JessFoto

1. Before I decided to be a photographer, I wanted to be a high school Spanish teacher.

2. I am a Pisces which makes me overly sentimental and romantic.

3. I sprinkle Splenda on my popcorn. Don’t knock it until you try it.

4. I love anything tied up in a satin bow.

5. I was raised in New Hampshire by my amazing grandmother.

6. My absolute favorite place in the world is my bed. You know how unbelievably comfortable some beds are at nice hotels? I made it a point to recreate that in my room. It is quite possible to sleep for days without even stirring on that bed.

7. My favorite song of all time is “God Bless America.”

8. If I could eat Sushi for every meal, I would.

9. . My friends are my family.

10. I hang every picture any child ever draws for me on my wall.

11. I love hearing people’s stories about the good ol’ days.

12. Chocolate chip cookies should be considered a breakfast food.

13. Loyalty is everything to me.

Amanda JessFoto

1. I was a field hockey goalie throughout high school and got recruited to play at Franklin Pierce University.

2. I have been afraid of elevators ever since my sister’s fingers got closed in the doors of one when I was 3.

3. My uncle is Michael Eruzione from the 1980 Miracle US Olympic hockey team.

4. I am a locksmith assistant.

5. HGTV is my favorite television channel.

6. I can’t burp. Like, I have tried many, MANY times but all of my efforts have been fruitless. Guess it isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, right?

7. …But I CAN wiggle my ears!

8. I can sleep wherever and whenever. I am the queen of taking naps!

9  I went to Catholic school for 9 years.

10.  I love burnt Cheez-Its.

11.  I auditioned for American Idol.

12. I’m best friends with the maintenance men at Franklin Pierce University.

13. Sunflowers are my favorite flower.

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