Free to Succeed Tour : Boston

All I can really say is wow…

I couldn’t even begin to count how many seminars I have attended in the last 7 years of my career.. learning how to remove pimples, sell billboard sized photos, photograph weddings ‘australian style’ etc….. but none has been as exciting or educational as the David Jay / Jasmine Star Free to Succeed tour which I was SO THRILLED to attend last night!

it was a star studded panel of speakers…. David Jay, Jasmine Star, [B]ecker… not to mention the fabulous people along for the tour including the incredibly talented Kenny Kim….

Also among the great faces in the crowd were my PugPals Tony Yu, Will Tangorra and longtime friend Earl Christie!

Not only did I get to walk away re-energized and a more determined photographer, but courtesy of my friend and second shooter Jason Moore I have all of these new fancy photos to hang on my wall to keep me inspired!!!

Photo with [b]ecker, taken by [b]ecker… love it! after this photo, he touched my 5D for luck. Am I Dorky or superstitious?

The Lovely Jasmine Star who has inspired me in ways that she will never know…

DJ inspiring and motivating all of us!

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