Happy Father’s Day 2015 to our JessFoto Dads!

Father's Day Newborn

Happy Father’s Day 2015

In honor of all of our JessFoto dads near and far, we wanted to pay tribute to you all!

On the way to the babysitter this week, Liam and I had a conversation that made me tear up at the wheel. It went a little something like this:

“MOM! Do you know that dad is my best friend?”

“No buddy, I didn’t know that. That is awesome. Who else is your best friend?”

“Just dad. Oh, and sometimes puppy but he sleeps a lot.” (Referencing his stuff animal that he sleeps with every night religiously).

“Really? What about Ry and Bodhi?” (His buddies at school and daycare).

“They are my really really really really good friends. But dad is my best friend.”

These are the moments that as parents we live for and cherish. Even if you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – we cannot lose sight of those moments. Even if you just got done dealing with the temper tantrum of the century – we cannot lose sight of those moments. These moments may be few and far between (it can seem) at times, but we are our children’s superheroes. And dads, you will always be your sons’ best friend and your daughters’ first love.

As you can see by the small collection of photos we have put together, time flies by all too quickly and before you know it you are swapping out diapers for car keys and boo boo’s for broken hearts. Our hope for all of the dads in our lives is that you take a minute on this upcoming Father’s Day and tell your children just how much they mean to you. Let’s face it, without them, you wouldn’t be celebrating this day. 😉

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We hope your Father’s Day is just as enjoyable as every day before having kids! Hahaha!

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