Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List by JessFoto

Impending Doom is Coming…

(If you don’t live in New England let me help you – that translates to snow)

A Fall Bucket List from a New Englander’s Perspective

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s much as we all want to deny it, we need to face the truth. Winter is coming. Translation? Snow. Sleet. Freezing Rain. Frozen fingers and toes for the next 5 months. Heating bills. The cold that will never go away no matter how much NyQuil you take. Not being able to open your back door because the snowbanks are taller than your house. Having to slide on your butt from your front door out to your car because if you don’t then you will be face planting it on the sheer patch of ice that has formed in your driveway. I’m sure you get the picture – fun times lie ahead.

On the flip side though, that means we have hit Autumn! Hooray! In other words, this means we have approximately 2.9 weeks to enjoy Fall. (Honestly though, why does it have to go by so quickly?) If you have never experienced a New England fall season then you need to add that as #26 to your list. Nothing in the world compares if you love chunky sweaters, (also feeling chunky because you have eaten 2 crock pots full of chili and corn bread while watching football), pumpkins, apple orchards, corn mazes and crisp air. Here is a list of fall-type fun things to get you started and kick off the season. We hope you are able to cross some of these off your list! What are some activities we have left out? We are pretty sure we missed a few! Please list them in the comments below – we would love to see how long we can make our list! Thanks guys! And enjoy the Fall season!

Fall Bucket List by JessFoto

Love, the JessFoto Ladies

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