Dear JessFoto

Dear JessFoto

Dear JessFoto

Dear JessFoto: Answers to the Questions you Really Want to Know (…but Don’t Dare Ask)

Well, hello! Team JessFoto wants to try something new and what we think will end up being very entertaining–enter “Dear JessFoto”! Starting on the first of every month, we are going to feature a question that you have submitted to us either via email or commenting below on this post and respond with a 100% honest, no sugar coating, probably going to make you laugh answer.  It can be as silly or as serious as you want; it can also be a question on whatever topic you want. Think of it like the Dear Abbie column in the newspaper way back in the day. Wait, does that still exist? Either way – we are putting a JessFoto spin on it so you know that can only mean one thing – it is going to make for a good laugh!

If we get a large response then we can always up the answer posts to twice a month or even weekly! It is totally up to you (JessFoto friends and family and creepy stalkers who stumbled upon this blog post) in the direction we go with it. Hey, who knows, it could be an absolute dud and not a single person is brave enough to ask a question!

Completely confused as to what we are talking about? (Wouldn’t be the first time LDC has confused someone…) 

  • Weddings. Newborns. Families. Pets. Cooking. Couponing. Fashion. Makeup.
  • Where is our dream wedding destination? What is our favorite food? How does Jess get every child to smile at least once during a shoot? What are the top 10 ways to make your photographer hate you? What was our most terrifying moment at a wedding? Mercedes or BMW? What type of cameras do we use? Pepsi or Coca-Cola? What is our zodiac sign?

Hopefully that makes a little bit more sense. 🙂 Essentially, we are giving you the opportunity to finally ask whatever question has been plaguing your mind recently! Ready, set, ask away!

**Disclaimer: We by no means are experts on any said topic. We are not psychic and have no idea what is going to happen in your love life. We are just providing honest answers and possibly a little bit biased opinions on questions you ask.

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