Chris and Amanda :: Faneuil Hall Marketplace Engagement Session

Chris and Amanda are two very special people in my life. Chris is the brother of one of my dear Friends (and brides) Jennifer and Amanda is the love of his life! They have such a wonderful love story with their life paths crossing at different times over the years.

To start their exciting session, we ventured down to one of their favorite places, and one of the best places to go in Boston, Faneuil Hall Market Place! For all of you Boston trivia fans, did you know that the first Faneuil Hall burned down in 1761, 19 years after it was constructed? The existing building was completed in 1763. Also for the trivia buffs, This is where Samuel Adams and fellow revolutionary colonists gathered!

Chris did a realy teriffic job keeping Amanda nice and warm!!!

We then headed over to the water to one of my favorite budings at The New England Aquiarium..

Anyone remember the commercial of the little girl who could ‘walk like a penguin’??

If it were only warmer, we could have been on one of these boats instead of just admiring them from a distance!

One of my favorite views of the city….

And who can’t appreciate the fabulous coats they were wearing… well done!

We really had such a great time during our session – If only it had been warmer! Thank you Chris and Amanda, the love that you two share made a very cold morning all the more warm!!!

You can see more from their session by clicking here!

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