Carl and Amanda :: Boston Engagement

I had the most creative and fun session this weekend with two of my wonderful friends, Carl and Amanda. Their wedding is fast approaching and i would say that it is the Summer wedding i am most excited about!

The pressure was on for this session.. not only is Carl a friend of mine, but he is a photographer as well… not to mention the northeast representative for Canon Cameras! What an amazing compliment that he would ask me to be his photographer.

There’s nothing quite like capturing in an image what’s inside someone’s heart, and i feel so blessed that its what i get to do every day.

…And its of course a plus when the people I photograph are completely in love with eachother..!

A good photograph is one that
communicates a fact, touches
the heart and leaves the viewer a
changed person for having seen it.
It is, in a word, effective”
– Irving Penn

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