What is in Your Camera Bag?

What is in your camera bag?

What is in your camera bag?


 What is in Your Camera Bag?

Another question we are asked on the regular is, “So, what do you use for gear?” Although it may seem to be a flattering question with the implied, “You have great work – I would love my photos to look like that,” it can sometimes be a bit off putting. Some people just have curious minds and ask a lot of questions (LDC can totally relate), but we have had instances of photographers trying to replicate everything that we do (or don’t do). A simple answer to this question is we shoot with top of the line gear. We won’t go into a Nikon vs. Canon debate or whether a 50 1.2 is better than a 50 1.4 (you guys can totally hash that out in the comments!) In the end it is all about personal preference. We touched upon
this a bit before, but just to reiterate we are firm believers that the gear doesn’t make the photographer, the photographer makes the gear. You can have the newest and most expensive equipment out there, but unless you know how to use it properly it is useless to you. If you are interested in photography and do want to know what gear would be a best fit for you, we definitely suggest doing your research. A good starting place would be to do a google search on camera comparisons or go on Pinterest and you will find plenty of camera gear lists.

Important Camera Bag Gear that you have Never Even Thought of…

With all of that being said, we will absolutely give you a list of all the extra little ditties in our bags!

Sewing kit

Eyelash Glue

Safety Pins


Baby Powder

Feminine Hygiene Essentials


Mints/(Notice how we didn’t say gum?)

Lint Roller

Scotch Guard

Antacid/Pepto Bismol/Tums

Bobby Pins

Finger Nail Clippers

Wet Ones/Baby Wipes

Shout Wipes/Tide to Go Pen

Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Advil (Whatever is your preference)

Band Aids

Gas-X (Because let’s face it, it happens at the worst times…)

Hair Elastics



Clear Nail Polish

Hair Spray



Super Glue

Yes, we always joke about how Jess has a Mary Poppins bag because chances are if you need something, she has it. That is what 15 years in the business looks like – you never know when tragedy will strike and you need that sewing kit or safety pin. (In all honesty!!)
Important Camera Bag Gear that you have Never Thought of

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