Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park Engagement Session | Lisa and Ilya

Central Park Engagement

Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park Engagement Session: Lisa and Ilya

The First Date

Hearing Ilya recount their first date is quite comical as they both have different, but slightly similar views as to how the evening went at a coffee shop in Union Square, NYC.

Ilya: “I thought it was a great date…until she left me in the street to catch a cab…in the middle of our first kiss. I did get a second date so I had that going for me.” Hahaha – love it! AND him!

Lisa’s smiling eyes were an immediate attention grabber for Ilya, as was Ilya’s (who Jess swears to this day is Tom Brady’s long lost twin) down to earth personality and sense of humor for Lisa.

The Engagement

Depending on who you ask, these two will be engaged for a total of a year and a half/18 months before the wedding. Lisa and Ilya are a wonderful match as they balance each other perfectly. Known as the “sensible” one in the relationship, Lisa will have no shortage of laughs or entertainment in her life as long as Ilya is by her side.

Let me give you a perfect example of what we mean. We always like to ask couples the following question: “A meteor is headed for your house. You have saved your family, pets, and the family photos. You have time to save one more item. What will you save?” To date, Ilya’s response is the best we have received as of yet. What will he save? “A bottle of alcohol…gonna be a long night.”

The Wedding

The couple will be wed this fall at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston. We are hopeful that Ilya will be planning the honeymoon (and future vacations) since that would make him the perfect husband in Lisa’s opinion. Speaking of which, I think the JessFoto team needs to pass that memo along to our own husbands… We are so looking forward to spending your special day with you both! Much love!

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