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Jessica and Ryan | September 22, 2015

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 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are delighted to announce Jess and Ryan’s Boston elopement. These two have known each other for almost four years and it is quite obvious (even in the photos) how much these two care about each other. We just love, love!

Boston Elopement Photos by JessFoto

Here’s how they met: The two went to college together, and met on the job as Residential Assistants. They attended trainings, meetings, and various events together for months but didn’t actually get to know one another until one night while on duty. Ryan repeatedly mocked Jessica’s creative abilities as she made an “On-Duty” board for their staff.

As for the proposal, Ryan went so far as to write the entire event (on May 4, 2014 to be exact) out on their personal wedding page. Absolute genius on his part.

The Proposal: Poseidon’s Vengeance by Ryan Loring

Our engagement story is filled with more romance than a paperback novel with Fabio on the cover. After a thoroughly delightful weekend which included a canine bladder infection, a dog bowl full of warm chicken broth, and several soiled washcloths (…from the dog) – I got the crazy idea in my head to ‘engage’ Jessica…and so began my elaborate scheme. First, I convinced her to take a ride with me; I knew just what to say, incorporating the right amount of mystery and seduction…“Let’s go for a ride in the Jeep”, I said. Once we were about 45 minutes into I our drive, I knew Jessica was becoming suspicious. I expertly distracted her from every road sign that even hinted at our destination. Several dozen, ‘look over there’s and a few ‘is that a moose in the road’s later, I could distract her no longer and our destination was revealed: Chatham’s Lighthouse Beach. Home to great white sharks, piping plovers, and romance…so much romance. I had it all planned out in my mind: the beach, the sunset, all of it timed out and planned perfectly. It’s around this time that it started to rain. Hard. Pouring. As soon as we parked the Jeep, the first cracks of thunder pounded and a few strikes of lighting streaked across the sky. Just over the water, dark clouds were gathering and it was obvious the sea was becoming angry…angry like an old man trying to return soup in a deli. It was as if vengeful Poseidon himself had risen, to put forth his might and inconvenience me slightly. Again, I used all of my cunning to convince Jessica to join me on the beach. “Let’s go down to the beach”, I said. We walked the length of the beach, strolling near the churning waters and up into the windy dunes where I became entangled in the rope, marking off the plover habitat. A race was suggested and we took off…I immediately tripped. Winded and covered and sand, I noticed Jessica’s back was turned. I seized the opportunity to remove the ring from my pocket and double check that when I opened the box it would be right side up. As she turned the rain cleared around us, the sun broke through, a double rainbow appeared over the ocean (seriously, I have pictures) and I asked Jessica to marry me. “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be on one knee”, she said. I kneeled in the wet sand and re-asked this once-in-a-lifetime question. She said yes. Together we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and picturesque sky which we truly believed was just for us. “Look at this s**t”, Jessica said, summarizing the splendor before us with an eloquence all her own.

The wedding was truly special in that it was an intimate affair at one of the couple’s favorite restaurants. The wedding as well as the reception were both held at Maggiano’s Restaurant.

Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant Elopement Photos by JessFotoWhen we asked the couple if they had any advice for future newlyweds, there was no hesitation. “The first piece of advice we have would be: prepare for drama and for your plans to change as the planning goes on, because those things will be inevitable. The next best piece of advice I have would be that all those details which are stressing you out now, from what meal options to pick, to whether or not those shoes are worth the money, to what color pocket square your groom should have, etc…they are important for sure – but when the big day comes, they won’t really matter so much. Remember that the most important part of the whole process is the end result: being married to one another! The rest of the details will work themselves out.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, guys!

“Our experience with the photos was nothing short of perfect. As people who are not often photographed, and who actively seek to avoid having our pictures taken the prospect of being the center of attention on our wedding day was stressful to say the least. From the moment Lauren emailed me during the inquiry process, through the final photos of the day the entire experience was flawless. The team embraced us and made us feel like family – how many people can say that about their wedding photographers?! I am what one might call an ‘enthusiastic over-planner’, and Lauren answered every single question I had, every time, often times before I even logged out of my email account. Jess arrived to our hotel room on our wedding day armed with every necessity imaginable, her humor, and her quick wit. She navigated all of our questions, concerns, and awkwardness without even so much as a flinch – her ability to laugh with us was incredibly infectious and made for some truly incredible photographs and memories. The photo session at our wedding really set the stage for the tone of the ceremony, and really made the whole event!” says Jess.

The couple’s number one tip to prepare for the photos is: know what you want, but don’t worry about preparing so much. “Jess is incredible at what she does, and no member of the JessFoto team will let you go in blindly,” says Jess.

Wish you could have been there, too, blog readers! At least you can live vicariously through the pictures!

Boston Elopement Photos by JessFoto Boston Elopement Photos by JessFoto Boston Elopement Photos by JessFoto Summer Elopement Photos by JessFoto Summer Elopement Photos by JessFoto Silly Elopement Photos by JessFoto Summer Elopement Photos by JessFoto Twirling Elopement Photos by JessFoto Sexy Sunlight Elopement Photos by JessFoto Elopement Photos by JessFoto Boston Elopement Photos by JessFoto Elopement Photos by JessFoto Water Elopement Photos by JessFoto Water Elopement Photos by JessFoto

 A big thank you goes out to these awesome companies that helped make Jess and Ryan’s day so special.





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