Aruba Destination Wedding | Dave and Kerry | Boston Wedding Photographer

Aruba Destination Wedding | Dave and Kerry

Dave and Kerry had a destination wedding at The Divi Resort in Aruba! The weather was absolutely perfect – every last inch of Aruba looks like it should be on a post card!

Aruba Destination Wedding

I love the natural colors of the Island – Aruba is gorgeous…

Kerry wore a beautiful necklace that Dave had given her as a gift… and speaking of gifts, I love the personalized embroidered handkerchief for Dave’s mom, Twigg…..

Kerry’s beautiful dress had floral accents while her bridesmaids wore fabulous hot pink and white patterned bridesmaid dresses… Love the colors!

Love ‘The first sight” when couples see each other before the wedding ceremony…..
It allows for some quick shots before the ceremony….
The Divi Resort Aruba
Off to the sunset ceremony at The Divi Phoenix… on world famous Eagle Beach

Husband and Wife….
One of my favoritest shots from the group photos…..

Their reception was amazing…. but my favorite was their first dance, barefoot on the beach… how romantic!

For all of my destination wedding clients, I encourage them to take advantage of the area for some day after photos…. For Dave and Kerry, I was dying to go to the famous Divi tree back on Eagle beach…. We met at The Divi and started out shoot there… I loved the texture of this wall…
We grabbed a cab and headed down to Eagle Beach….. Thats the shot I had in my mind!

Oh hello Rainbow…

Heading back to the hotel…. but not before a special shot for Dave’s mom, Twigg, who I just love to pieces.

The Cabanas back at The Divi were awesome…. and fortunately no one was up yet using them..

The next couple of photos say everything there is to say about having your wedding in Aruba….

Dave and Kerry – Thank you so much for having me as your photographer! I loved documenting your beautiful wedding!

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