Alyssa and Joe : 9.20.2008, Keene Country Club

My lifelong galpal, Alyssa, married one of the sweetest guys in the world this weekend in Keene, NH!

Alyssa and I met many many many many years ago at Alumni Field when we were cheerleaders for The Keene Knights! (Love Pop Warner!!)

When Alyssa and Joe first got engaged, Alyssa called me up and told me the exciting story in detail… I love that from the minute Joe saw her he knew he wanted to marry her… and after some persistence, Alyssa decided to go out on a date with him…. She knew then too that he was the guy for her!
Since they started dating, Joe enlisted in the US Army and has been far away in Texas training… so when Alyssa went down to visit him, he surprised with her a gorgeous diamond!!!
Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day….

Out and about in downtown Keene…

A tender moment during the ceremony taken while Alyssa’s cousin Kelly (who also happened to be my preschool teacher 23 years ago!) sang “Grow Old With Me” by John Lennon.. it was beautiful!

Some photos at The Keene Country Club.. Shaena Rodriguez was the event coordinator and she was fabulous!! I highly recommend having her for any event!

Thank you Alyssa and Joe for including me in your day!

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