Kara and Dana : 8.10.2013, Alden Castle

Alden Castle Wedding – Kara and Dana

So it isn’t every day we are asked before a couple is even engaged to photograph their wedding, but thats how we met Dana and Kara! Last year at one of our all time favorite weddings – Dave and Kirsten (also known as the Magic Mike wedding) Dana asked me “Do you do destination weddings? we are thinking of an Island wedding”… Lucky for both of us, we do lots of destination weddings so I was happy – and i mean really happy – to say yes. As it turns out, Dana took Kara to Puerto Rico for a little getaway…. On their hotel balcony over morning coffee, he asked her to have coffee with him for the rest of his life! Such a romantic proposal!!! After a Kara excitedly said yes… Dana said “Lets have JessFoto as our photographer”….. how incredible is that!!?!? I am so honored…. and Dana, you’re the man.

After  deciding on a Boston wedding at The Alden Castle in Brookline, the date they had chosen I was booked for…. SO sad…. but then, almost as if the universe planned it, the wedding I originally had scheduled changed their date and I was able to be a part of Kara and Dana’s day! Happiness!!!!!!

Here are some great pre-wedding shots of Dana and the guys… and Kara and the girls. They all got ready at The Doubletree on Storrow, which was a beautiful hotel to get ready at. Lots of great light and a roofdeck that was a fabulous photo spot!



Love her wedding day jewels – Dana, the ring you chose for Kara is crazy beautiful! You get an A+ for the four C’s of this sparkler!



We gave Kara and the girls a few minutes to get some things done and we checked in with Dana and the guys….



Quick trip to the roof for a ‘Vanity Fair’ photo. Check the purple socks!


Then we kicked the guys out and finished up with the editorial photos….



Loving the Pink and gray color scheme…



Matching Vanity Fair photo with the ladies!



Kara, you have timeless beauty!


Off to The Mission Church!


I now pronounce you Husband and Wife!!!!



Some yummy light poking through


CLASSIC beauty


Quick trip over to Alden Castle in Brookline, one of my favorite new venues. Beautiful landscape to do formal photographs!

One of my favorite series of photos to get – generations of the women in the brides families.

Alden CastleAlden CastleAlden CastleAlden CastleAlden CastleAlden Castle00572

Dana, the camera loves you… as do the bridesmaids 🙂

Alden Castle


a quick walk through the gardens… some romantic moments….

Alden Castle00658


Now on to the details at Alden Castle. What an amazing place to have an event. It is a LEGIT castle… in the heart of the city.. with modern touches.

Alden Castle0067600664

and a LOT of mirrors….


Fabulous guests at the Cocktail hour… and what party is complete without a steel drum band?

00708Alden CastleAlden Castle

Introductions.. first dance… toasts…

Alden Castle00764

Alden Castle WeddingKara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0070Cake Cutting and parent dances!!! (the cake was one layer of chocolate and the other layer was funfetti! amazing!

Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0071Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0075Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0074Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0073Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0072Mr. O’Connor, you are one lucky guy!Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0076Super gorgeous friends and fmilyKara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0077Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0078Some family groups, a UNH photo, crazy cousins, a flexible man who is a dancing machine, great friends and a tribute to the Quad City DJ song “Come on ride tha train”…Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0081Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0080Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0079Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0082Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0083Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0084

Dana and Kara, knowing that  I was your first choice from the moment you got engaged is such a special gift that I will always treasure. I loved spending your wedding day with you and am so happy that the two of you have found eachother. You truly are soul mates and the kind of love you share is so rare in the world these days. Im honored to be your photografriend and to share these great memories from a perfect day with you!Kara + Dana,  Alden Castle Wedding, Boston, MA_0085

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