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Union Square Engagement Photos by JessFoto

Farah and Darren

Engagement Session | Somerville, Massachusetts

Everything has come full circle for these two in Union Square. Farah and Darren met each other in Union Square. Their first date was in Union Square at the Independent Restaurant. After dating for eight and a half years, they got engaged in Union Square on that very bench in the photos. And lastly, Farah’s beautiful engagement ring is from Union Square. Talk about Union Square… squared. (Haha! Yes, LDC=a nerd. Whatever).

We LOVE when our couple’s think so highly of their partners. It honestly makes our hearts melt.
Not many people know it but my fiancé is really good at everything. No lie. He is great at whatever he puts his mind to. [He looks like a] young Mel Gibson in the face. Ryan Gosling’s swag/aura. Mark Walhberg physique/shape/stature. I’m a VERY lucky gal! 😉
Girlfriend, yes, yes you are! And he is equally lucky to have you!

The First Date

Hearing Farah recount their first date together is amazingly hysterical and oh-so sweet. Maybe it was Darren’s beautiful blue eyes or his charming smile – but Farah was hooked from day one.
Darren walked down to my house and we walked to the independent together. It was a great first date – although he showed up the most ridiculous beat up red hoodie, light jeans and dingy Air Force Ones, he used to mow the lawn. Thank God I already made up my mind about him. We went for a drink and spent hours talking afterwards.

For Farah, the perfect husband is one that, “…loves unconditionally. One who is willing to put the relationship first.” (Amen to that!!) For Darren, his idea of the perfect wife is one that, “is shaped like a Coke bottle and bad-ass to the bone.” BAHAHA! So honest. Love it. What does a perfect day off look like for this couple? It would be to go out of town somewhere, walk around, eat, drink, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. (Darren – Hint. Hint. Score some major brownie points here and make it happen before the big day in August!)

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somerville Engagement Photos by JessFotoUnion Square Engagement Photos by JessFotoUnion Square in Somerville Engagement Photos

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