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The Golden Hour by JessFoto

The Golden Hour | Best Time for a Photo Session | Boston Wedding Photographer

The ‘Golden Hour’  When is the best time for a photo session? Why?  So you want to learn about theView full post »

Fall Bucket List by JessFoto

Fall Bucket List

Impending Doom is Coming… (If you don’t live in New England let me help you – that translatesView full post »

What is in your camera bag?

What is in Your Camera Bag?

DEAR JESSFOTO  What is in Your Camera Bag? Another question we are asked on the regular is, “So, what do youView full post »

Jen Tawa Hair Design

Favorite Vendor Spotlight: Jennifer Tawa Hair Design

Jennifer Tawa Hair Design 1. How long have you been in business? How many brides do you style hair for eachView full post »

how many weddings per year

How Many Weddings Per Year Do We Shoot?

DEAR JESSFOTO How Many Weddings Per Year Do We Shoot? One of the most common questions we get from inquiring mindsView full post »

LMV Productions

Favorite Vendor Spotlight: LMV Productions | Matt Forcier – Videographer

LMV Productions | Matt Forcier – Videographer If you were to ask most photographers how they feel aboutView full post »

Dear JessFoto

Dear JessFoto

Dear JessFoto: Answers to the Questions you Really Want to Know (…but Don’t Dare Ask) Well, hello! TeamView full post »

Ideal Wedding Day Timeline

The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

———–> If you are completely stuck on how to create your timeline, download a copy of ourView full post »

MandaMonium | Manda Carco Makeup

Favorite Vendor Spotlight: MandaMonium | Manda Carco Makeup Artist

MandaMonium | Manda Carco Makeup Artist Having worked alongside MANY people in the industry, we can say without aView full post »

Seaport WTC Boston Wedding Expo

Favorite Wedding Vendor Spotlight

If you are a bride (or groom) at any stage of planning your wedding, you probably now know how stressful itView full post »

Print Comparison: Pro vs. Consumer Photo Labs

Print Comparisons: Pro Vs. Consumer Photo Labs

Print Comparisons Differences Between Professional Print Labs versus Consumer Labs We have seen the topic of printView full post »

8 Tips for the Amateur Photographer//Momographer

“Dinner was delicious, you must have a fantastic frying pan!”

“Dinner was delicious, you must have a fantastic frying pan!” …and other thoughts on how having aView full post »

Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive

“Why are Professional Photographers so Expensive?”

In this digital age where everyone has cameras, scanners, and home “photo printers,” we hear this all the time: How doView full post »

How to Prepare for your Photoshoot

How to Prepare for Photoshoots

How to Prepare for Photoshoots: Fabulous Tips for Portraits You Will Love! In a rush? Download our handyView full post »

From Drab to Fab | Gallery Walls

How to Transform Your Drab, Naked Walls into Fab Gallery Walls I have to wonder how many people out there have wallsView full post »

9 Tips On What To Wear For Family Photos

9 Tips on What to Wear for Family Photos

9 Simple Tips on What to Wear in Family Photos In a rush? Download our Preparing for your Family Shoot guide to readView full post »

9 Tips on What to Wear in Engagement Photos

9 Tips on What to Wear in Engagement Photos

We LOVE engagement sessions! They are a great way for Jess to get to know our bride and grooms behind the lens of aView full post »