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Marianna and Billy | September 18, 2015

Commander’s Mansion Wedding Photos | Watertown, MA

Bride on chaise | CommanderThis fall in New England wedding ceremony and reception were both held at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, Massachusetts. If you are hoping to be the only event taking place within a venue during your big day, this is the place for you since they limit one event per day. The property sits on seven landscaped acres that includes an 80′ x 40′ brick seasonal tented patio and a grape arbor that makes for beautiful photos during an onsite ceremony.

Billy and Marianna met through mutual friends when Billy came to a Saint Patrick’s day party in Medford back in 2012. Billy showed up and left shortly after but Marianna wanted to see him again and obviously made it happen!

We are all romantics at heart (whether or not you want to admit it) and love a good proposal story! Christmas Eve last year when the couple got home from a Christmas party, the ring was wrapped in a bigger box under the tree and Marianna didn’t even know it was there! Billy tried to get her to sit still and open it even though she insisted they wait until Christmas to open presents. She gave Billy one present to tide him over (a back scratcher, which he way way too excited about) and then he gave her the box with the ring. When Marianna opened the box she was confused, and then Billy got down on one knee in the living room. After that, they knew they weren’t going to fall asleep! The couple waited until the next day to tell anyone, which was so nice. “It was really fun to have at least one day where just the two of you know and can celebrate before telling everyone else,” said Marianna.

When we asked Marianna if she and Billy wanted to do a first look, she said: “Yes! We knew we wanted to do a first look right off the bat and we’re glad we did. I think we would’ve been more nervous if we hadn’t, but both of us were very calm and the first look is a great time to spend a few minutes alone before the craziness starts. Also a great reminder of what the day is all about in the first place (the two of us!)”

First Look | Commander

It isn’t all that often that we get photography advice from the couple – but this pretty much sums it up for most couples: “Listen to your photographer and let them take the reins with pictures. They know what they are doing. Also, use JessFoto!” Haha!! We love you guys too! In all honesty, though, you are hiring a professional to do a job. If you can’t trust that they will execute the job seamlessly – they aren’t the photographer for you. Also, an engagement session (check out Marianna and Billy’s entire winter wonderland engagement shoot) never hurts because it allows you to get to know and trust your photographer.

We could obviously blab for hours. Let’s get to the photos!

Commanders Mansion Wedding Boston Photographer_0001Commanders Mansion Wedding Boston Photographer_0002
Shoes and Bridal Jewelry | Commander

Large Rosettes Wedding Dress with initials and date embroidered | Commander
Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0005Bridesmaids holding up bottom of dress | Commander
Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0006
White Bouquet | Commander
Stunning Bride | CommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0010Commanders Mansion Wedding Boston Photographer_0013Commanders Mansion Wedding Boston Photographer_0014
Bride and Groom in Window | CommanderBride and Groom in Window | CommanderCommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0018Sunlight | CommanderBoston Harbor | CommanderBride and Groom in Window | CommanderCommanderCommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0025Walking down the aisle at ceremony | CommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0027Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0028Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0030Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0029Sunset | CommanderAqua and White Wedding Colors | CommanderSunset | CommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0031Aqua and White Wedding Colors | CommanderCommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0037CommanderTrolley | CommanderTrolley | CommanderAqua Peach and White Wedding Inspiration | CommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0042Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0049Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0048CommanderCommanderCommanderCommanderCommanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0043Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0051Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0052Commanders Mandsion Wedding Boston Photographer_0053CommanderCommanderCommanderSparklers | CommanderSparklers | CommanderCommanders Mansion Wedding Boston Photographer_0061


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